Let there be right
between man and God
and man and man.

Welcome to my website! Thanks for visiting. I’m a “Millennial” due to my birth year, but otherwise I have almost nothing in common, not in culture nor belief, with the “Millennial” generation.

I go by Anna Chronism because most of my beliefs are very anachronistic.

Such as, that the Constitution (though containing limits on government) was written for the end of expanding government power, rather than narrowing its power.

Or that the English language should re-adopt her abandoned singular and plural forms of the second-person pronoun—“thou” and “ye.”

For when you compare English to multiple other languages, with many other languages with singular and plural second-person pronouns, English loses beauty and clarity without her “thou” and “ye.”

And last but not least, another anachronistic view: nuclear power is a safe and commendable form of energy, based on the evidence in books such as The War Against the Atom by Samuel McCracken, and Underexposed: Is Radiation Actually Good for You? by Ed Hiserodt.

Thanks again for visiting my site! Comments? You can contact me here.