Make Your Vote Count In November

Are you frustrated or worried about your choices in November?

Are you upset at corrupt politicians who seem to be above the law?

Are you feeling as if your vote doesn’t count anymore?

If you’re a Kansan, you have a bonanza opportunity to make your vote count.

The choice in November between good and evil has never been clearer.

“the Kansas Constitution Bill of Rights provides the right to abortion...”

In 2015, the Kansas legislature created a ban on dismemberment abortion.

In dismemberment abortion, the abortionist takes apart, and “extracts,” the unborn baby limb by limb, and the baby bleeds to death in utero.

So, it’s not rocket science why the Kansas legislators banned it!


Two Kansas abortionists immediately sued, and the Shawnee County District Judge, Larry Hendricks, blocked the law from going into effect.

Thousands of Kansans had voted for the legislators and the governor who passed this ban into law.

And all it took was one—just one!—UN-elected judge to block a law that banned the barbaric killing of babies. A law that reflected the will of thousands of Kansas voters.

The state appealed the ruling to the Kansas Court of Appeals.

On January 22, 2016, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Kansas court of appeals issued their ruling on the case.

They were split 7 to 7.

Whenever the appeals court has a tie, the decision of the lower court remains in effect. So the law is still blocked.

Seven of these judges think that the Kansas Constitution gives a “right” to abortion. You can read their twisted reasoning for yourself “right” here.

If the state Constitution includes a “right” to abortion, this jeopardizes any and all pro-life laws that restrict abortion.

Remember, ALL the pro-life laws in Kansas have stood under the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.

These seven judges are more pro-abortion than Roe v. Wade.

Kansas voters have no vote in the selection of these judges.

But every four years they get to vote on whether to retain—to keep— these judges in office.

And there’s good news: FOUR of the seven judges are on the November ballot!

So Kansas voters, when you vote in November, vote NO.

Vote NOT to keep these judges in office.

Vote NO on every one of these rabidly pro-abortion judges.

But we’re not done voting No.

Protecting the Lives of Murderers and Rapists—Not Yours

In 2000, two young criminals, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, arrived in Wichita.

On December 8th, they robbed 23-year-old Andrew Schreiber.

On December 11th, they shot and killed 55-year-old Ann Walenta.

On December 14th, 2000, they broke into a home where five young people were gathered. The criminals stripped their victims naked, sodomized them, beat the young men with baseball bats, and raped the young women.

They took their hostages, one by one, to various ATM machines, forcing each victim to drain his or her bank account.

At last, they coerced the group to get into the small car belonging to one of the victims, forcing the three naked men into the trunk and the females (whom they allowed to don sweaters) into the back seat.

The Carrs drove to a snow-covered soccer field, and ordered each of the victims to kneel down in a row. Then they shot each of their captives, one by one, in the head.

One young woman had a barrette in her hair that stopped the bullet from killing her. Nonetheless, she pretended to be dead until the murderers had left the execution scene.

When they drove away, they returned to the residence they had broken into, stole more items, and beat and stabbed to death a dog that belonged to one of the victims.

Back in the field, the lone survivor looked around, and saw Christmas lights in the distance.

Completely naked, she ran barefoot over snow-covered fields for more than a mile until she reached the house with the lights.

Because she survived (thank God!), officials were able to locate the criminals and put them on trial.

Below is an image of the four victims.

Prosecutors tried the Carr brothers for one hundred and thirteen crimes, and convicted them on most of the charges.

And the brothers received the death penalty.

Enter the Kansas Supreme Court.

In July 2014, this court overturned the death sentences.

Six judges to one.

They overturned the sentences on a technical, petty, speculative objection: that the Carr brothers’ rights were violated because they should have been tried separately, and because the brothers were tried together, jury was “prejudiced.”

The state of Kansas appealed the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

On January 20, 2016, the Supreme Court reversed—by eight to one—the ruling of the Kansas Supreme Court.

The late, great Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion.

Even leftists like Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg sided with Scalia AGAINST the Kansas Supreme Court!

Yes, Kansas has judges that are further left than Kagan and Ginsburg!

Once again, Kansas voters have NO say in selecting the judges for the state supreme court.

But every six years Kansans can vote on retaining a supreme court judge.

Kansas voters can kick a judge off the bench!

And guess what? Four of the six judges are on the ballot in November!

Once again, the choice is crystal clear between good and evil.

Nuss, Biles, Beier, and Luckert are evil judges who protected two notorious murderers and rapists from justice.

When murderers and rapists are protected, this is incredibly demoralizing for peaceful, law-abiding people.

It is high time for Kansas voters to remove these judges from the court.

Vote NO on these four judges.

Vote NO on November 8, 2016.